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Easy Scallop Bedskirt Transformation

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Always wanted a custom look for your bedroom but didn't want to invest thousands in custom upholstery and linens? This easy DIY project can give you that custom, tailored look you love for a fraction of the price!

In the process of decorating my daughter's bedroom, I wanted to add another layer of pattern through window treatments, but also wanted to extend the same pattern further into the room to create a cohesive look. I had been using these cotton twill scalloped bedskirts from Ballard Designs on her twin beds and loved how they looked! But they also provided the perfect canvas to add another subtle layer of pattern with the same fabric I am going to use for the window treatments. Plus, I can incorporate that same fabric on an accent pillow for the bedding as well to bring together the whole look!

The scallop bedskirts shown on my beds have been updated by Ballard Designs. They still come in white, but trim has been added around the scallops. White with white trim is available if you are looking for a similar look. They also have colored trim, which could be fun!

I feel like whenever you add your own fabric to a room it feels so much more personal and finished. This is such an easy way to add your own style to a bedroom. I sewed my fabric on the bedskirt, but it would be an even easier DIY if you used a no sew method like Heat & Bond or similar.

The fabric I used is by Vervain, called Oberto in the Shell colorway. It's a beautiful 100% cotton light and dark pink pattern. The scale of the pattern went well with the large patterned rug I had in the room.

The great thing about this project is you can choose any fabric you like (I would stick to something lightweight like cotton) and totally transform your room! I played around with a few samples to show you different looks. Just add some throw pillows to the bed in the same fabric and you have a complete, custom look!

The bedskirts are made of two layers of fabric: an underneath base layer, which is the straight edge you see that hangs along the floor, and the scallop layer that hangs over the straight piece. I just wanted to cover the straight piece that peeks out under the scallop layer. This also allows the scallop to pop!

1. The first step was to measure and cut! For 2 twin bedskirts, I cut 6 strips of fabric that measured 6" wide by 81" in length.

The 6" was wide enough to cover the straight layer of the bedskirt and fold under for about a 1/2" hem. I cut each strip 81" in length to span the sides of the bedskirt. Cutting one of the 81" strips in half worked for the ends of the bedskirt. I ended up with 4 strips that were 81" in length (for the sides) and 2 strips that were 40.5" in length (for the ends).

I finished all cut sides of my fabric with an overcast stitch on my sewing machine. This helps to prevent fraying. You don't have to do this but I think it helps in the long run and it gives it a more professional finish.

2. Now time to attach the fabric strips to the bottom of the bedskirt!

I started with the bedskirt inside out and the fabric right side up. I found the center of the fabric and bedskirt by folding each in half. I started in the center and pinned the fabric edge along the inside hem of the bedskirt. (Your fabric will look like it's hanging off the end of the bedskirt, not going toward the inside).

I then sewed the fabric to the bedskirt along the edge.

3. After attaching the bottom edge of the fabric, I turned the bedskirt right side out (your fabric will have the wrong side showing). Flip the fabric to right side up and pull it up to cover the entire straight layer of the bedskirt. Press this in place, making sure you have a tight fold/press where the fabric is wrapping around the bottom of the bedskirt. You don't want the fabric hanging loosely off the bottom of the bedskirt. Then stitch the fabric to the bedskirt along the top edge of the fabric strip. You don't have to be precise about how far from the fabric edge you sew because the scallop layer should cover the stitching when it hangs over the straight layer.

Your fabric is now securely attached to the strip!

4. To finish the ends, simply turn the bedskirt wrong side out again, and fold the end fabric toward the inside on each end, making sure the bottom seam is folded in as well. This will make a crisp corner. Press. Stitch along the top and place a few stitches on the bottom where the fabric is folded in, to hold it in place.

Do this for all 3 sides of the bedskirt and you're done! EASY!



Now to make the matching window treatments for those bare windows!

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to reach out to me! I'd love to help you easily transform your room!



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